Thursday, 27 June 2013

From tolerance to totalitarianism: A review

Kamila's dad sent her a PDF of an article from a Polish newpaper, an anti-abortion, conspiracy theory laden magazine that also recently printed an article about how homosexuality is a choice. The translation isn't perfect, but it is good enough to understand with a little help from Kamila.

These are my comments as noted down while reading the article:

The first few paragraphs are talking about Nazis and communists, not for any logical reason, but a blatant attempt at emotional blackmail.

"You have to remember that Christianity is the most persecuted religious-sumption of the world, it is estimated that from the time of Christ To this day some 70 million Christians have been murdered because of their different faith, with half of the twentieth century." - Mostly by other christians. Forgetting that since the time of Christ, christians have done most of the killing.

Then some nonsense about atheists. Then back to Nazis and Marxists. So far, nothing to do with homosexuals other than vague references to the church's teachings. Apparently nobody cares about how evil communism is any more, there are less books on it.

That's all there is for the first 1914 words. It's like a Coke ad that consists of 90% women in bikini's to prime you for the image of a Coke can and then it's done. Hypocritically, they whine about propaganda throughout.

Now for a bit of chat about the gays:

"The publications and pronouncements of absurdities and lies of the homosexual lobby social wove a priest with a number of attacks and hostility from the 'tolerant environment.' "

It doesn't really say what lies are being told, but does mention that people are abusive and threatening to him on Facebook. It may not be a very productive way to talk to the guy, but considering he accuses homosexuals of being paedophiles and actively fights for their oppression, I think he deserves a bit of swearing. I doubt anyone has ever actually physically attacked him.

It's fairly common for right-wing protesters to provoke LGBT parades and then claim innocence.

Back to Hitler and Stalin. He thinks that, because there is some violence at LGBT parades, they will turn on the general population when they 'take control' just like Hitler did. This is how they will go from tolerance to totalitarianism. Of course, the hypocrisy here is that he praises those who used violence to fight off genuine oppressors and then complains that homosexuals use violence against the people that oppress them.

"And in this environment, the case is clear, homosexuality is a medical disaster."

The old "most gays have AIDs argument". Africans are also at very high risk of AIDs, but the church is supporting that, not trying to stop them. They only acknowledge that sociological factors exist when it suits them.

Back to Nazis again...

Finally, some use of the word science. It only took 3000 words about Nazis to get to something resembling evidence.

"Anatomy of sex itself is such a nightmare, that of medical causes terrible drain ginseng. Completion of the gastrointestinal tract is not used to this, and indeed, the poor are the ones who are not able to comprehend. Similarly, the poor are "scientists" who, despite these alarming data argue that homosexuality is not any anomaly. But man, as a scientist, if you have bad faith, can not live a lie so big."

Ignoring the bad translation, this still makes no sense. The only data he has mentioned so far is 'more AIDs', but then he twists it with some medical nonsense and repeats.

"The truth of this environment is clear in their attitudinal to trade. Homolobby demanding to enter into relationships, so-called homosexual marriages, and while in Germany, where they have been for 12 years the opportunity, do not want to use it. Homosexuals are only half a per mille of all, it's only about one in two thousand (!). In addition, they are the most unfaithful, break down frequently and quickly."

To translate: In a place where people don't give much of a shit about marriage, the few gays that bother to marry get divorced a lot.

Big deal. That isn't a good reason to refuse them the right to marriage. Maybe they're just more honest? Oh, and it's not marriage. So that part was a lie.

Actual data suggests that same-sex marriages or partnerships are less prone to divorce.

He also complains that the average number of sexual partners for a homosexual man is 8. Which is actually lower than a large number of research papers would suggest is average:

He says that the number of partners is high because 'they loathe themselves and each other'.

Now for the really sick lies:

Gays account for 40% of all paedophiles.

This number is usually gained by taking the number of male on male child sexual abuse cases and comparing them to the number of male to female child sexual abuse cases. This is easily dismissed as the motivation for child abuse is not adult sexual orientation. Most child abusers have not developed an adult sexual orientation and can not be considered either straight or gay. So the percentage of homosexual paedophiles is actually 0%.

What does he think causes this?

"How seriously disturbed the people of this circle, the exhibit also sex education programs voltage-ted by the principles of gender ideology and has already introduced into schools in some Western countries. According to them, the norm should be teaching masturbation in kindergarten and full sex life in elementary school. According to Satanic principles: depravaty and Atheisation through sexualization."

Now, given that the reality of same-sex relationships is almost the opposite of his opinion, I guess we should thanks Satan and atheists for sex education.

"We had cases in the United States, France, the United Kingdom, where children were raped and molested by their homosexual adoptive parents and were left without support from social workers, police, and of journalists, because nobody wants to put homolobby on trial, they sacrifice children."

No evidence for this is provided. It's safe to assume that most of the cases they are talking about men in hetero relationships abusing young boys, which as we know does not class as homosexual.

And that's it. Over 4500 words of very little, mostly Nazis and Communists, then some lies. That's pretty much all they have. Every other argument is based on the same idea, they say they're protecting children but with information that contradicts reality.

It's not harmless, it's never harmless, these people vote and a vote is all it takes to ruin people's lives.

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